Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Micro Dry Bath Mat Review and Giveaway

I was given the opportunity thank to my wonderful friend Ashley at Become a Coupon Queen to review the Micro Dry Bath Mat. Thanks so much to Ashley.

The Micro Dry Bath mat, while did smell a little funny when it arrived, it was a rubbery smell that dissipated within about a day, was very nice. The one that I received is an ivory color which was also nice, as it matches my bathroom and allows me to clean it easier, than I think a colored one would. I was very skeptical about a bath mat that it supposed to offer a slip resistant base while also keeping my bathroom floor dry, I mean I have a five year old that can really give the floor some water. I really do think that my bathroom floor is the cleanest floor in the house with the amount of water that I wipe up out of the floor each night!

The first attempt at using it was in our downstairs bathroom outside of the shower stall. I loved the soft fluffiness that I stepped out onto, and usually when you take a shower down here, no matter what you do, there is water in the floor when you get out. This time there was not any water, and that was super exciting. I then decided to leave it downstairs for a few days to see what my husband thought about it a few times as well. He did not say much, but he also did not complain, for once, about the mat curling up or being sopping wet when he got out of the shower. By this time I decided that we needed to move the mat upstairs to the tub so that we could have the "wild child" test it with his baths.

Usually when he takes a bath there are vasts amounts of water in the floor, almost like a flood hit just the bathroom. I put him in the tub and let me stay a little bit longer and keep on playing just to get a good feel of the mat. I am telling you now that it was like a magic trick or something crazy, there was one side of the floor that was covered in water, and the other side (where the mat was) that there was bone dry!!!! I was in shock! I am telling you guys, I am totally sold on this product and will be heading to Bed Bath and Beyond to see if they have any other sizes as this one is actually a bit large for downstairs, and I really do not want to carry it back and forth each time I want to use a different shower!

**I would like to add an update as of today 8/4!! I just washed and dried my per the manufacturers statements on the tag and I must say that I am a little disappointed. It did start fraying already on the edges of the mat. 

The Microdry® Ultimate Luxury Memory Foam Bath Mat is sold exclusively at Bed Bath and Beyond and

Microdry has generously given us (5) five of these luxury bath mats to giveaway to (5) different lucky winners!

*Disclosure: MindsInSync Inc. (representing Microdry) has offered to sponsor this giveaway. No compensation was received for this post.


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