Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Sew" worth it!!!

I am not sure how many "crafty" ladies that I have out there but I have to share this, I mean with the booming website that is Pinterest there are a lot of people becoming thrifty crafters, or are getting back into homemade love!! I have always been a crafter, since I was little,  but something I have NEVER been good at is sewing. Honestly, I was so bad that my little brother, whom I love so much but is a major outdoorsy redneck kinda guy, got better grades in Home Ec than I did during the sewing course!! (Then again I kicked his butt with my grades in Agriculture and Cooking Classes!!!) It has always angered me that I am not able to make cute little pj pants for my son, or pillow cases, and curtains.

Well, not anymore! This girl is taking up sewing. Yes, thanks again to the devils that are Amazon and Pinterest I am going to be going to town with this new, hopefully worth it, hobby! I had to share these facts about me and that I am going to take it up because I wanted to share this awesome deal on a sewing machine that I found on Amazon as well as a few really cute ideas from Pinterest!

See that cute Maxi dress above? That is a Pinterest idea using a tank top and a cool fabric to make a cute Maxi! Then how about that awesome deal from Amazon on the sewing machine! Has great reviews!!

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