Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wal-Mart Christmas Layaway

Wal-Mart finally decided to bring back some sort of layaway plan. I remember growing up that this was one of the only ways that my parents were able to get us the things that we really wanted for Christmas without breaking the bank or the store running out of the item due to high demand. 

Personally I am kinda excited about this and sorta sad at the same time, I mean for me at this point there is not too much shopping for my little man that I have left to do, therefore I will not be able to get much use out of this option. It also does not start until Oct. 17th which I feel is not too late but it would be nicer for some if it started just a bit earlier. What do you guys think?

Thanks to Laura at Extreme Southern Couponing for telling me about this!!


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