Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Publix Deals 8/3-8/9

Buy Theirs, Get Ours FREE: 
Buy Head & Shoulders ~ Get Publix Brand FREE
  • Buy Listerine Cool Mint ~ Get Publix Blue Mint FREE
    -$1/1 Printable HERE Listerine
  • Buy Q-Tips ~ Get Publix Cotton Swabs FREE
  • Buy Dove Bar, 2-pk ~ Get Publix Moisturizing Bar, 2-pk FREE
  • Buy Purell Hand Sanitizer ~ Get Publix Hand Sanitizer FREE

Buy one Get one free:

Arnold Smooth Texture Dutch Country Bread, 100% Whole Wheat: Regular or Double Fiber; or 100% Whole Grain, Premium Potato, or Oatmeal, 22 or 24-oz loaf, BOGO $2.89

Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes, Or French Toast, 6 to 40-ct, 12.5 to 14.8-oz box, BOGO $2.77
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Pay $.77/2)

Batter Blaster Pancake & Waffle Batter, Original Organic or Ready-to-Cook: Buttermilk or Double Chocolate, 18-oz can, BOGO $4.19

Chi-Chi's Seasoned Ground Beef, 18-oz tub, BOGO $5.49

Cole's Garlic Bread, Or Bread Sticks, Cheesesticks, Toast Slices, or Cinnamon Sticks, 10.5 to 17.5-oz pkg (Excluding Mini Loaf and Mini Toast), BOGO $2.89

Crisco 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Imported, Bold Taste, 16.9-oz bot, BOGO $5.99

Dentyne Gum, Or Trident, 40 or 60-ct bot, BOGO $3.29
-$1/3 from 8/7 SmartSource (Pay $5.58/4 or $7.87/6)

Dove Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, Invisible Solid, 2.6-oz pkg (Excluding Dove Ultimate), BOGO $2.99
-$1.50 off wyb Deodorant AND Body Wash Printable HERE (FREE/2 Deodorants + Cost of 2 Body Washes)

Frito-Lay Family Size Snacks, Lay's Classic or Ruffles Potato Chips, Cheetos, Tostitos, Doritos, Fritos Scoops!, or Munchies, 13.5 to 22-oz bag, BOGO $4.99

General Mills Cheerios Cereal, Or Honey Nut or Multigrain, 16.2 to 18-oz, or Lucky Charms, Reese's Puffs, or Cookie Crisp, 15.6 to 18-oz, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 21.25-oz box, BOGO $5.33
-$.60/1 Printable HERE Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Pay $4.13/2)
-$.50/1 Printable HERE, HERE, and HERE Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Pay $4.33/2)
-$1/2 Printable HERE Cheerios (Pay $4.33/2)
-$1/2 from 7/17 SmartSource (Pay $4.33/2)
-$1/2 from 7/10 SmartSource (Pay $4.33/2)
-$.50/1 from 6/26 SmartSource Cheerios (exp. 8/6) (Pay $4.33/2)
-$1.10/3 Printable HERE (Pay $9.56/4 or $13.79/6)
-$1/3 Printable HERE, HERE, and HERE (Pay $9.66/4 or $13.99/6)

Gorton's Grilled Tilapia Fillets, Or Salmon, 6.3-oz pkg, BOGO $4.65
-$1/2 Printable HERE (Pay $3.65/2)

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Cereal, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Smacks, Froot Loops, or Rice Krispies, 12 to 16.5-oz box, BOGO $4.19
-$1/3 Printable HERE (Pay $7.38/4 or $10.57/6)
-$1/3 from 7/24 RedPlum (Pay $7.38/4 or $10.57/6)

Klondike or Slim-a-Bear Ice Cream Treats, 16 to 27-oz box, BOGO $4.65

Kraft Mayo Mayonnaise, Or Miracle Whip Dressing, 22-oz bot, BOGO $5.25

Kraft Velveeta Dinners, Or Deluxe, 9.4 to 14-oz box, BOGO $2.67

Lance Crackers, Or Cookies or Captain's Wafers, 6 to 14-oz pkg, BOGO $2.79
-$1/1 Printable HERE Lance Cracker Creations, 6-oz (Pay $.79/2)
-$1/1 Printable HERE Lance Minis, 10-oz (Pay $.79/2)
-$1/1 from 6/5 SmartSource Lance Cracker Creations, 6-oz box (Pay $.79/2)

Lawry's 30 Minute Marinade, 12-oz bot, BOGO $3.03

Marie Callender's Pot Pie, 40-oz box, BOGO $7.49

Maruchan Yakisoba Japanese Noodles, Home-Style, 3.96 to 4.27-oz bowl, BOGO $.99

Nabisco Munch Packs, Or Variety or Single Serve Tray; or Kraft Handi-Snacks, 12 or 15-ct, 9.45 to 25.2-oz pkg, BOGO $6.17
-$.75/2 from 8/7 SmartSource Nabisco Cookies or Crackers (Pay $5.42/2)

Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail, Or Drinks, Juice Blends, No Sugar Added, or Beverages, 64-oz bot (Excluding 100% Cranberry Juices and Light Cranberry Items), BOGO $4.09

Pilot G2 Gel Ink Rolling Ball Pens, Fine or Bold Point, Retractable, Refillable, Assorted Colors, 2-ct pkg, BOGO $2.99

Post Cereal, Pebbles, Alpha-Bits, Honey-Comb, Churros, or Golden Crisp, 11 to 14.75-oz box, BOGO $3.99
-$1/2 from 7/24 SmartSource (Pay $2.99/2)

Powerade Sports Drink, Or Powerade Zero, Ion 4 Advanced Electrolyte System, 8-pk, 20-oz bot, BOGO $5.85

Purina ONE Cat Food, 3.5-lb bag, BOGO $7.19

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, 6.1 to 6.7-oz box, BOGO $3.19

Quaker Life Cereal, 18-oz box, Squares, 16-oz box, or Cap'N Crunch, 15.4 to 20-oz box, BOGO $5.07
-$.75/1 from 6/19 RedPlum Life Cereal (Pay $3.57/2)
-$.50/1 from 4/17 RedPlum Cap'N Crunch Cereal (Pay $4.07/2)

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, Heavy Duty, 18-Inch Wide, 75-sq ft pkg, BOGO $5.99
-$.75/1 Printable HERE (Pay $4.49/2)

Ronzoni Pasta, 12 or 16-oz box (Excluding: Lasagna, Jumbo Shells, Manicotti, Healthy Harvest, Garden Delight, and Smart Taste), BOGO $1.49

Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread, 20-oz loaf, BOGO $2.79

Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Point, 8-ct pkg, BOGO $6.99

Skippy Peanut Butter, 15 or 16.3-oz jar, BOGO $2.85
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Pay $.85/2)
-$.75/1 from 7/31 RedPlum (Pay $1.35/2)

Totino's Pizza Rolls, 40-ct, 19.8-oz bag, BOGO $4.63
-$.50/2 Printable HERE (Pay $4.13/2)
-$.40/2 Printable HERE and HERE (Pay $4.23/2)
-$.50/4 from 5/22 SmartSource (Pay $8.76/4)

Wish-Bone Dressing, 16-oz bot, BOGO $2.97
-$1/1 from 7/31 RedPlum (Pay $.97/2)

X-14 Mildew Stain Remover, With Bleach, 32-oz bot, BOGO $3.99
-$1/1 Printable HERE (Pay $1.99/2)
-$.55/1 from 7/24 SmartSource (Pay $2.89/2)

Yoplait Go-Gurt Yogurt, 8-pk, 2.25-oz tube, BOGO $2.99
-$.85/2 Printable HERE (Pay $2.14/2)
-$.75/2 Printable HERE, HERE, and HERE (Pay $2.24/2)
-$.75/2 from 6/19 SmartSource (Pay $2.24/2)


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