Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Target Coupons

There are numerous new and reset Target coupons available to print this morning. You can see the entire list by clicking below- only one is a manufacturer coupon- the rest are all Target so they can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.

50¢ off up & up™ Soy Blend odor eliminator candles

$1 off Fresh produce
NOTE!! Be very careful with this coupon. If you find a single item or unit for close to $1 it will be free (like a pepper or broccoli). If you purchase multiple items that are over $1 (like a bunch of bananas or a bag of apples) the coupon has been deducting the cost of a single piece instead of the full $1. So you might get credited for .12 which could be the cost of one banana not the entire bunch. We careful you don’t waste your coupon!

40¢ off when you buy two Pillsbury® Italian Meal Breads (manufacturer coupon)

50¢ off Archer Farms® Rosemary Artisan bread
Check your ad as many areas have buy one get one free Rosemary bread this week!

$1 off 1.23- to 7.4-oz. Quaker Life Soft-Baked nutrition bar
$1 off Sutton & Dodge® steakhouse-quality choice Angus beef item
$2 off Merona accessories

$2 off Kids’ denim apparel item
Last week they had denim for $3.50 for infants and toddlers. This is a great coupon to keep with you.

50¢ off Market Pantry® bread
Target has loaves of Market Pantry bread priced at .85- so .35 after coupon!

FREE 64-oz. Market Pantry® juice with purchase of two Market Pantry® cereals
$2 off Market Pantry® frozen chicken
$1 off Market Pantry® seafood item
$1 off With purchase of two Green Works cleaning items
$1 off With purchase of two 24-pk. Market Pantry® water
$1.50 off 22-oz. PF Chang’s Home Menu frozen meal for two
50¢ off up & up™ pain relief item
75¢ off up & up™ feminine care item
50¢ off up & up™ moisturizing lotion
50¢ off up & up™ Hand and Body lotion with purchase of up & up™ double-roll bath tissue
FREE 32-oz. Powerade beverage with purchase of four 32-oz. Powerade beverages

$1 off Market Pantry or Archer Farms Bakery purchase
Super Target stores will typically have rolls, muffins, bagels etc.. that are free with this coupon

$1 off 8-pk. 12-oz. Coke Zero bottles
$1 off With purchase of two 7.94- to 9.5-oz. Dove chocolates
$3 off Denim adult clothing item
55¢ off 7-oz. Darrell Lea soft liquorice candy
$3 off 90-oz. Greenworks laundry detergent

50¢ off Archer Farms® Harvest Grain bread
Check your ad for a Buy One Get One Free offer on this bread- they are $3.69/2 before coupon

50¢ off 6-ct. Hostess muffins
50¢ off Archer Farms® Italian bread
$3 off Merona Dress
50¢ off up & up™ laundry item

FREE 12-oz. Giada De Laurentiis bagged coffee with purchase of three Giada food items
This is on my shopping list this week to check. I think this is an awesome deal if the pastas and the pestos are still on sale. Get the details here.

$1 off 23-oz. or larger up & up™ infant formula
50¢ off 70- to 200-ct. up & up™ trash bags
FREE 8×10 traditional portrait
50¢ off up & up™ cough/cold item
75¢ off up & up™ facial skin care item
50¢ off up & up™ hand sanitizer
50¢ off up & up™ cough and cold with purchase of up & up™ hand sanitizer
50¢ off up & up™ cleaning product
50¢ off up & up™ cleaning wipes with purchase of up & up™ trash bags

FREE $5 Target GiftCard® With purchase of three 7-oz. Glade Premium soy candles
$5 off 42-ct. Prevacid 24 Hour
$1 off Twenty 4×6 digital prints
$20 off Bissell multi-cyclonic upright vacuum
50¢ off up & up™ laundry bleach
50¢ off Market Pantry® or Archer Farms® Deli purchase
$1 off 9- or 12-inch Archer Farms® frozen pizza
$1 off With purchase of two Archer Farms® nuts or trail mix
$1 off With purchase of three 8-oz. or larger Archer Farms® chips
$1 off With purchase of two Archer Farms® Simply Balanced items

And I can still see the pillow coupon. You should be able to find some for $1.54 after coupon!


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