Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where has Queenie been??

Well, as you guys can tell I have not made a post since a month ago. Things here at Queenie's have been really busy. Just to give you a quick rundown of what I have been up to for the past month, well about a month and a half really. I have been spring cleaning and de-cluttering our household big time. I worked really hard and completed a children's consignment sale that I participate in twice a year, of which I then take the money and little man gets new clothes and such. I had a Birthday, WOOP WOOP, I am excited to be another year older, unlike some women!

I have also been spending as much time as I can with my son and hubby. The King has been working a ton lately and we do not see him much so on the days that he can be off the little man and I are spending all the time that we can with him. Now we are actually gearing up for Spring Break, my son it super excited as we are going to KY to see his Mimi and Pa, and my Granny. This will be a nice little break from craziness. The other perk too is that while most people will be heading towards us in AL to go to the beach we will be going North to enjoy the beauty that KY is during the Spring!

Let me just say this momma, is very much ready for Spring Break. I hope to hear from all my Queenies soon. Miss you guys and I promise I will be back here and there. I also want to start sharing some of my newest obsession, Pinterest, with you guys as well.  (So be on the lookout for that)

Happy Spring!!!


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