Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bring OP1 Home!!

You are probably reading the title of my post and thinking what in the world, well let me tell you! It seems like almost daily anymore I get sent a link to a new page on Facebook, usually shops, other frugal pages, products, celebrities and more. Today I got one that the title caught my attetion and I had to look. It read "Bring OP1 the Comanche Dog Home", now I am a sucker for animal stories so I had to check it out.

The page introduced me to OP1 Comanche Dog. OP1 is an Afghan dog adopted by members of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1-61 Cav, Charlie Company from Fort Campbell KY during their current deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He came up to the  group of Charlie Company soldiers at OutPost 1, which is where his name comes from, and followed them for 8km back to the firebase. Like most stray dogs he needed a meal and some love, and that is just what he was given. He has become not only a dog but a true Comanche and a companion to this group of soldiers. He even goes on Patrol with the guys and helps keep them protected. Now this amazing group of soldiers want to give back to OP1 and bring him home the the US!!

I do know from when my husband was in the Army and was in Iraq that the costs to bring an animal to the US from ANYWHERE overseas is very expensive and is quite a task as well. When my husband was deployed to Iraq they took in a dog that they would have loved to bring home with them, and even tried, but were not able to. I do not want to see this happen again, and I want to do everything that I can to help get this amazing HERO (as that is what he is to me) home!

I will be traveling to Ft. Campbell at the beginning of July to visit with family and friends (as we were stationed at Campbell ourselves before coming to AL) and taking items from my stockpile for OP1. I would like to invite anyone else who would like to take a part in this in joining me in doing so. If you are local to me and would like to drop off items for me to take with me that would be awesome. If you are near Ft. Campbell and can take items, please visit the Facebook page for OP1 and see where they can be taken to. You can also make a donation to help get him here by visiting Rescued Helpers and putting Bring OP1 home in the message area of the donation form!! You can also use the donate now tab that appears on the Facebook page!!I plan on trying to contact the guys bringing him home to see if we can get a few pictures of OP1 to put up here, as the one above is the only one that I could get!


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