Friday, April 15, 2011

Winn-Dixie Deals 4/14/-4/23


8lb bag Russet potatoes $2.99

Large cantaloupe 2/$4.00

Large navel oranges $0.99/lb

Dole just Lettuce, Greener Selection or Classic Romaine 2/$3.00

Green bell peppers $0.68 each

Dole white mushrooms 2/$3.00

Vine ripened tomatoes $1.99/lb

Sonya apples $1.49/lb


Boneless rump or bottom round roast $5.19/lb B1G1 Free
Final Price, $2.60/lb

Boneless top sirloin steaks $9.99/lb B1G1 Free
Final Price, $5.00/lb

Boneless center cut pork chops $5.69/lb B1G1 Free
Final Price, $2.85/lb

Frozen boneless chicken breasts or tenderloins 40oz. or party wings 56oz. $10.99 B1G1 Free
Final Price, $5.50 each

Boneless assorted pork chops $4.99/lb B1G1 Free
Final Price, $2.50/lb

Boneless country style ribs $5.69/lb B1G1 Free
Final Price, $2.85/lb

Buy One Get One Free Deals (you must use your WD Customer Reward Card and buy two items to receive this discount)

Nature's Own or Natural Grains whole grain bread $3.99
Final Price, $2.00 each

Blue Bird sugar donuts $2.99
Final Price, $1.50 each

Select Kellogg's Cereals $4.69
(4/10 RP) save $1.50/3
Variety of Printable coupons HERE
Final Price, varies

Butterball smoked turkey sausage or turkey bacon $3.59
(4/3 SS) save 0.75/1 Butterball bacon
March All You save $0.50 Butterball bacon or sausage
(3/6 SS) save $0.50 Butterball sausage
Final Price, as low as $1.05 each (use 2 coupons)

Milford Valley Farms chicken strips or chicken nuggets $4.99
Printable coupon save $0.50/1 (use 2)
Final Price, $2.00 each

McCormick grinders $2.99
Final Price, $1.50 each

Orville Redenbacher's microwave popcorn 3pk. $2.99
April All You save $1.00 Orville Redenbacher's Pop Up Bowl (Use 2 if you have them)
Final price, $0.50 each

Taco Bell dinner kits or salsa $3.29
February All You save $1.00/2
Final Price, $1.15 each

Arm & Hammer laundry detergent 46 load $5.49
(4/10 SS) save $1.00/2
Final Price, $2.25 each

Bic razors - 1ct. hybrid, 3ct. Soleil 4 blade or 4ct. Comfort or Soleil $7.99
(4/10 SS) save $3.00 (use 2)
Final Price, $1.00 each!!!

Hot Wheels cars $1.39
Final Price, $0.70 each

Buy This - Get This deals

Buy (1) 10oz. Dole Creamy Garlic Caesar salad or 10oz. Light Caesar salad kit - Get (1) Free 6oz. Tyson steak or chicken strips

Buy (1) 10pk. CapriSun - Get (1) FREE 8oz. Nabisco Snak-Saks cookies

Buy (1) 16oz. chub pack ground beef - Get (1) Hamburger Helper

Buy (1) 4lb bag Purina Little Bites dry dog food  - Get (1) FREE 5-6oz. Beggin Strips dog treats

Buy (3) 7UP 2-liter flavors @$4.00 - Get (1) FREE

Other Weekly Deals

Blue Bell ice cream $3.99
Printable Coupon save $1.00 (must sign up for Extra Scoops)
Final Price, $2.99

Scott bath tissue 12 rolls or 8 mega rolls paper towels $6.99
(4/3 SS) save $1.00 Scott Towels
(3/20 SS) save $1.00 Scott bath tissue
Final Price, $5.99

Seventh Generation products 25% off
Printable Coupons HERE
Final Price, varies

Philadelphia Cooking Creme 2/$4
(3/6 SS) save $1.50/1
Final Price, $0.50 each

Dean's Dips 3/$5.00 ($1.67 each)
Printable Coupon save $1.00/2 (must sign up)
Final Price, $1.17 each

Colgate Plus or Kid's toothbrushes 3/$4.00 ($1.33 each)
(4/10 SS) save $0.50 Colgate Kid's toothbrush
Final price, $0.83 each

Colgate Toothpaste 3/$4.00 ($1.33 each)
(4/3 SS) save $0.75
Final Price, $0.58 each

Make-A-Meal Deals

Buy (6) participating Totino's Pizzas @ 6/$10 - Get all of this FREE
Printable Coupon save $1.00/5 Totino's Pizza
Printable Coupon save $0.50/2 Totino's Pizza
(2/13 GM) save $0.50/2 (use 3) Totino's Pizza
(3/20 GM) save $1.00/5 or $0.50/3 Totino's Pizza

-Farm Rich mozzeralla sticks - Printable Coupon save $1.00/1
-Little Debbie snacks (select)
-Hawaiian Punch fruit juicy red 64oz.
-Lindy's Italian Ice
Buy (2) Pantene shampoo or conditioner @ 2/$11.98 - Get all of this FREE
(4/3 P&G) save $1.00/2 Pantene
-Gillette foamy shave cream
-Secret invisible solid deodorant
-Oral-B indicator toothbrush
-160ct. TopCare cotton squares
For any coupons that are not available in your area, I recommend buying them from Lori has 3 Kids!


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