Friday, April 22, 2011

T-Shirt Review from Custom Printed T-Shirts

A few weeks ago I was sent this really awesome shirt from T-Shirt Printing and asked to review it. Now with clothing items I need to wear it a few times, wash it, dry it, leave it in the bottom of the hamper for a few days (wadded up), etc. before I can make an accurate judgment call on it.  Most of the time I get a new piece of clothing and it is great for the first few wash/dry sessions, then boom YUCK!! Usually it has shrunk, my design is peeling and flaking, or it is going thin. This can be seriously aggravating. I pay for clothes to wear them for more than just once or twice and I know that my Queenies do too!!

Well with this shirt, I was given the "Cheeky Monkey" design, withstood my test!!! The printed on design was not flaking or peeling, the shirt did not shrink, and it did not feel thinner afters washing and drying. I have to so that I approve of them! I think that I will actually be given Martin, over there a ring about some shirts for Southern Coupon Queen. I would love to see what he can come up with!! I know that you Queenies would want one!!!

To be honest, my shirt is missing, so I asked my hubby if he has seen it, and he said "Oh, yeah I found it in my closet and it fit, so I am wearing it"!! How funny is he!!

*UPDATE* I found my shirt and wore it on a couponing trip with my little sister!!!


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