Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Are Sports a Good Idea for Children?

Are Sports a Good Idea for Children?

Some people would answer that question with a no while others would say yes. It’s a tough call, but each child and situation is different and you need to remember that when you’re making this decision.

There are a number of things you need to take into consideration when you’re making the decision about sports. One of the hardest things to think about has to do with injuries. While it’s possible your child will get hurt, you also need to remember they may not. It’s a risk you have to take because it’s possible they could get hurt riding their bike or walking to the car.

Now don’t get me wrong, the risk of injury is scary and it was hard for me to get over, but you can’t let that stop your child from doing something they enjoy or want to try. My boys are involved in a number of sports and it was hard at first. My oldest has had is own fair share of injuries, but he still gets out there and does it. He enjoys it and he loves it.

Sports usually involve working out and that’s a good thing for children as well. It keeps them fit and healthy. There are times when this sort of behavior encourages the children to look into healthy eating and ways to stay fit after their sports season is over.

It’s also possible sports can make your child a better person. The school they play for will require them to have good greats and they do grade checks several times during the season. If your child falls behind they may be asked to not play and spend practice and game time getting their grades up again. Explaining this to their coaches and team members is not something they want to do so they work hard to prevent that from happening.

Something else to keep in mind is how busy they will be when they’re doing their practices and games. That leaves very little time for trouble. They’ll go to school, practice or play games, and do their homework. That leaves a small amount of free time, which is a good thing.

While there are a number of reasons not to allow your children to play sports, it’s possible the number of reasons to allow them to play will be far higher. You need to think about the interests of your children and their diet and well being before you make the final decision.

By: Corrie Petersen

Corrie Petersen is a Work at Home Mom who is married and has two boys that are very athletic. She loves to help others in her business, but more importantly she loves traveling to her boys’ sporting events to be the biggest cheerleader they have. Go to PeekIntoMyLifeAsASportsMom.com to read what she’s up to with her family on her mommy blog.


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